Is Adrafinil Legal in the US?

A lot of nootropic users have been asking the question: Is Adrafinil legal in the US? The answer is yes! Adrafinil has an unregulated legal status is not monitored by FDA in the United States like it’s chemical cousin Modafinil.

If you decide to order Adrafinil capsules or powder online, make sure you get it from a place that can legally ship the product to your country. If you live in the United States, this is not an issue. But be sure to check the legal status of your local laws if you live abroad. Shoot us a message if you want to know more about the legal status of Adrafinil.


Supplement News

Hi all — today I’m going to talk about supplements, what they are, why people take them, and whether they’re worth buying or not.

What are they?
Supplements are products that contain one or a number of nutrients. Usually some form of plant extract or man-made compound these items typically focus on one aspect of ones diet. They can be used by pretty much anyone — children, old people, professionals, sports people, you name it. Products include proteins, vitamins, amino acids, creatine, and much much more. They vary in form — some can be found in bars, others in liquids, others in powders, you can even get them in gels now. You wont have to look far for them either as most major super markets will sell them as part of their dietary range.

Why use them?
Many people use supplements to augment their diet. Some people believe that adding these products to their regular intake of nutrients is beneficial. Others have to take them because they either do not have the time to eat regularly and/or they are unable to maintain a balanced diet. On rare occasions, supplements are prescribed to individuals with medical conditions, but this almost never happens. The most popular use of these products is among athletes, both professional and amateur.

Do they work?
Well… the jury is still out on this one. With companies spending billions on their development and with an industry that is many times more in value through its product sales… we might not get any news any time soon. Based on a few limited studies, what we do know is that some products seem to have more of an effect, positive and negative, than others. Let’s take Whey protein: This is among the most popular supplement on the market. It has a market-sector value of almost $1 billion on its own. Many professional athletes relay on this, despite having a very nutritious diet, to increase their performance. The sad truth is… most of this supplement simply does not make it into the body. Instead it is pooped out! That’s right — 90 percent of everything that passes their lips goes straight into the toilet… now that’s what I call expensive poo. So why is this? Part of the reason comes down to the protein having no real mass. It is usually taken in liquid form, therefore the intestines struggle to process it before it is passed out of the body as waist. Solids are a much better form for allowing the body to adsorb nutrients — fact. One of the better supplements for absorption is — Adrafinil. Taken in tablet form, pretty much all of this is absorbed and metabolized.

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